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Buying Discontinued or End of Life Products

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I was talking to a friend today who was looking to replace a simple headphone for his computer where essentially he just wanted something basic. While looking for the item he noticed that one store had a section specifically for products that were categorized as discontinued where ultimately it means they were no longer being made or that the manufacturer will no longer be supporting it with updates. The interesting thing was that the product itself was actually a very well known brand and the price seemed very good. However, the fact that it was discontinued made him paranoid that it would say stop working in a month as if discontinued meant that the item is say refurbished.

From my personal experience you can often save a lot of money when it comes to buying discontinued items that could work just as well for your needs versus something that is the latest and greatest. For example, at times people are looking for simple things like a basic DVD player where one doesn’t care too much about say the player having a more modern day look. So in that case why not save some money? I usually find it’s good as well to see what exactly is the new offering of the company when it comes to whatever it is that you are buying as very often the changes are very minor where you most likely won’t require a lot of support either.

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