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Buying Directly From Farmers

I received an interesting tip today on a possible way to save a lot of money which made a lot of sense. For myself I usually have a busy schedule and sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to eat everything that you need (Especially since I participate in a lot of physically active activities as well).

A few years back as a result I decided to try out raw juicing as it just sounded like a good idea from a health and time point of view. I can definitely say it has been a great addition throughout the years and as a result people notice that I go through a lot of fruits and vegetables. So today I was told that since I use so many items such as carrots for the sole purpose of juicing that I should try checking out some local farmers and buying these items through them directly instead as it should be way cheaper than what the stores charge.

I was just thinking how this made perfect sense as similar to other items you usually pay a markup by going through the middle man. The main question on my mind was the travel time as one place that was recommended to me seems like it is about 27 km away from where I live and so I would have to factor in the travel costs as well.

But this definitely sparked my interest though as I’m always looking for better ways to save money and in this case I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get better products as well. I’ll probably make a post in the future about it once I get some good price comparisons and the opportunity to check a place out.

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