Buying A Whole Animal To Save Money or Not
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Buying A Whole Animal To Save Money or Not

A person was telling me today that he was thinking of buying a whole cow with other people as they would split the meat and then store it in a freezer to be consumed throughout the year. At first I thought they were doing it as they would be saving money where that would be the assumption if people are just buying a whole cow as an example. But apparently after all the butchering and delivery it’s more expensive than buying it at say the supermarket.

So, saving money didn’t seem to be a benefit to this if that was your mindset. But ultimately, I believe the main reasons was he would be buying a genuine product per se where he knows where his food comes from. This is versus not knowing if you are buying meat from a farm that raised very poor animals as an example.

You would think buying the animal whole would be cheaper such as growing your own little garden of vegetables. But I guess here it’s more of a premium of sort to get quality product.

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