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Business Strategy Around Your Lifestyle

I was talking to a friend today as we have a business idea that we are currently trying to flesh out. One interesting topic that was brought up is how the both of us want to create the business where we won’t be tied down in a traditional sense such as having to be at a specific location in order to conduct operations.

As a result, for a lot of the ideas that came up we had to throw in a factor on whether or not we could manage the idea remotely through say partnerships with other companies as well. A lot of people would find this a little unorthodox as usually you should just focus in having a great idea and then a plan to make it happen while having to sacrifice a lot until you make it.

At the same time, if the idea was originally created as a supplemental item, then making sure that it will fit in your lifestyle is just as important to make sure that the idea won’t be stuck on the shelf I’d say.

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