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The Business of Selling or Buying Seals of Trust

buying seals of trust

Today is Cyber Monday and as usual I was expecting a lot of deals online. Sure enough my inbox was flooded with offers from various retailers. Bu there was one offer that was kind of surprising to me. As you can see in this case it was a directory selling badges of sort that I suppose most people would identify as a seal of trust. In theory this should give like a business listing an extra confidence boost for people to do business with.

It’s true in many ways where even when I see things like a seal of trust of sorts you automatically associate it with a like a seal of quality. But the fact that you can clearly see in this case where companies actually pay money for it is sure interesting from both a business and consumer aspect. It makes you wonder as a consumer if we put too much weight on these things as a way to try and determine which company is better.

I guess from a business point of view it demonstrates how it can be psychologically very important in creating consumer confidence to the point that these things are purely an alternative way of spending advertising dollars if you think about it. Such a different perspective you can get from things like this once you understand the behind the scenes monetary transactions that occurs with these things.

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