Business Partnerships With Ideological Differences

Business Partnerships With Ideological Differences

Of course with the elections coming up here I have been seeing more people get into heated debates on which party is the best for Canadians. But one scenario I saw that was interesting is how there are people who are doing businesses together but seem to be the polar opposite in terms of beliefs. They were getting into some heated conversations to the point where I thought if it continued then they would probably axe all business affiliations with each other.

But surprisingly after the conversation it seemed like everyone just respected each other’s views and went back to business which was kind of amazing when you think about it. Again, you wouldn’t expect people to have such different viewpoints to be able to separate that and their business arrangements considering both parties vehemently disagree with each other.

For example, imagine a vegan and a meat eater still being able to run a restaurant together where you would think the vegan would be super opposed to any animals on the menu period. But in this case it’s almost like they run the restaurant together still where one person handles the vegan dishes and the other handles the meat ones. Maybe that’s the way to find a good business partner in terms of finding people who strictly oppose your views but can still accept it as yours.

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