Business Identity With Free E-mail Accounts

Business Identity With Free E-mail Accounts

Today I was looking at a person’s business card which for the most part seemed ordinary. For example, it had the name of his business, contact number, website address, etc. The funny thing I thought was that his only e-mail contact that was listed was a Hotmail address. I asked him why he simply didn’t use an e-mail address that was set up through his website instead as I would feel weird if say a fortune 500 company asked me to contact their departments through the use of free e-mail services.

His reason was pretty common where he says it is more convenient for him as he can access the mail wherever he is as opposed to having to use an e-mail client within his main computer. I then explained that you could easily do that with web domain e-mails as well, but he insisted. Wouldn’t it be worth it from an image perspective to not use free e-mail accounts for your business?

The assumption in terms of a first impression would be that you are some kind of start up or that you can’t afford your own digital mailbox. Especially if you are a web based business the risk of losing business versus what may seem more convenient isn’t worth the trade I’d say. The alternatives solutions are definitely there too.

If for some odd reason you can’t setup your domain to have web based e-mail access then simply setting up an e-mail that redirects to say your free e-mail account like a Yahoo or Hotmail where everything is invisible to the sender is a good solution I’d say.

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