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Business Editions And Consumer Editions

I was looking to buy this productivity tool and there were quite a few different versions to choose from. The main difference that was immediately noticeable is how certain ones were targeting business users and the other ones were targeting average consumers. As well, there was a major difference in the prices as the business editions were literally 50% more expensive.

After cross comparing the features it seemed like it would make more sense financially to get the consumer editions as for the most parts the products were almost the same. It was almost like comparing a box of cereal where inside it is the same except to cater to adults one of them mentions that the product has a small amount of additional nutritional stuff. Like in those cases it would hardly be worth paying an additional 50% for.

Even for things like word processors you can usually do the same with the consumer editions as I know say most self employed people don’t ever require the features that business versions offer. In those cases too it’s usually way more expensive to buy the business versions. I suppose many times company’s assume that if you run a business then you will be willing to pay a premium of sorts even for the most minor things. May as well do your homework and save some money if you can do okay with non business editions I’d say.

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