Business And Customers Missing Out On Sales With Mask Guidelines

Business And Customers Missing Out On Sales With Mask Guidelines

I usually don’t have a need to wear a mask as I am usually working from home or walking in areas that are wide open with very little people around. If I specifically have a day planned where I need to go to a place where it requires mandatory mask wearing then I will carry one with me on the day. So today while walking I decided to drop by a store to see if they carried an item that a person I knew was looking for to help fix one of their electronic items. I checked the site and there was no indication of requiring masks. It’s a small store too as I usually find smaller places just shield up the cashier areas to enable customers to shop. This place sounded like an established place too so I went.

But when I arrived I was surprised to see that there was a sign on the door where they were requesting that everyone wear a mask. I didn’t carry one with me and so as a result I just kept walking where the both of us lost out an opportunity to complete a transaction. If you were the business in this case do you think about this nowadays whether or not to accommodate people such as giving out disposable masks if they were interested in buying something from you? Or would you expect everyone to just carry something themselves?

The funny thing was there was actually a table right in-front of the door where it seemed like they tried to convert it in such a way where people don’t actually have to go in but simply request an item and they will get it for you. I think it’s a wise idea for business to state on their sites whether a mask is mandatory or even offer options such as curbside pickups. This won’t be forever, but it may be good to have those small options to not potentially lose a sale.

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