Building A Business Site Based On Making Up Rumor News

Building A Business Site Based On Making Up Rumor News

With a lot of new tech gear coming out recently every news site tries to be the first to get exclusive information and leaks as it is a great way to generate viewers. One would need some close industry contacts and insiders to get the latest scoop correct? That was kind of the funny thing I was thinking about as for one industry there is a known site that literally just makes things up on highly anticipated items where their success rate is probably less than one percent. However, the headlines of them getting world exclusives is enough to lure people.

In constantly doing that with the disclaimer that they are simply rumors they built a pretty stable business. Compare that to its competitors that actually research and publish valid information they are simply way ahead of them in terms of getting reader attention. I was then on an official manufacturer social media page where someone posted rumor information from that site where even they said that site is fake. But the regular people wondered what they were talking about as they felt they must be reputable to be that big.

That’s kind of gross to think about huh? Simply make everything up and create a business out of that. I don’t know if you can blame them where if the bottom line in that kind of business is to get people’s attention then you can technically say they did that.

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