Brushing Up On Professional Skills That You Don’t Use Often

Brushing Up On Professional Skills That You Don’t Use Often

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Recently I agreed to help some people with their project on some rather tech related work where my skill actually comes from simply being interested in computers in general. That often results in a lot of reading and at times daring to try and build your own systems as an example more as a hobby for fun. But I guess you can say it gave me a skill-set that many people actually need. Since they wanted someone that they trusted I figured why not?

It made me think as people often say if you don’t use it you lose it correct? Well fortunately for myself I was still able to do everything which wasn’t a concern at all. But what I did notice was how at times I had to double check and reference things more often than I normally did just to make sure I was doing everything right. Before I would just zip right through it. I found that a bit annoying having to second guess if everything was accurate.

But it made me think how it can be important where if you have valuable skill-sets to offer professionally, especially skills that you don’t work with all the time, it can be good to do something related to it once in a while so that whenever you are called to do something in that field you will be ready. A funny hobby related example is I used to ice skate all the time as a child but haven’t in years. It will probably be horrific if I tried now. But like there would going ice skating once a year be a good idea to maintain it? It seems like so little effort to ensure that it stays semi fresh to you.

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