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Bringing Your Own Drinks To Restaurants

Interesting scenario today as I went to the mall with the family to buy a present for my nephew’s upcoming birthday. While there we decided to get something to eat. At the restaurant my nephew was saying that he wanted apple juice and so we ordered one without looking at the cost. At the end of the bill it turned out that the small cup of apple juice was $2.50. The first reaction from everyone was that we should have just walked to the stores nearby and buy a large one for that price.

Then a comment came up on how whenever we travel with my nephew we should just bring our own beverage in a container. Would you feel funny doing that if it meant saving a lot of money in the long term? Example, instead of ordering a soda for $1.50 at the restaurant you would bring your own can of pop which you purchased for like fifty cents at a convenience store.

I think this is just one of those battle of perception things where even though it makes sense most people wouldn’t do it for fear they would be labeled in a negative way. I personally feel more silly paying markup prices like those though personally.

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  • Oh, believe me when I say I’ll definitely be bringing my own orange juice/apple juice/whatever small high priced drink with no refills is.

    I just finished eating at a local restaurant where I asked for a glass of orange juice They ended up giving me this insultingly small glass – what must have been a half a cup – of orange juice. When I first saw it I thought to myself that it was a very small glass. If that’s all I was given, I would have happily expected to pay $1 at restaurant markup prices.

    When I got my receipt, to my surprise they were charging $2.50 for this TINY glass of orange juice. Once I figured out that they had NO intention to refill such a meager glass, I was upset enough about it that I couldn’t even finish my meal.

    Now, I’m typically very passive aggressive – and even today I didn’t make a big fuss about it. I paid for my meal and overpriced half cup of orange juice. Since I paid with a debit card, I was given a receipt to write down the amount of my tip. While I normally tip anywhere from 20-30%, today I tipped at 3.6%. On the blank area of the receipt I explained that the rest of their tip was applied to an insultingly small glass of OJ.

    Yes, I’m bringing my own drinks whenever I go back there now.

    Paul K 11/30/2010 11:36 am

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