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Breaking Up Large Offerings Into Smaller Choices

The other day I was looking at this tutorial that an online school offered to people for a fee as it covered a topic that seems to be in demand. Upon looking at it there seemed to be a video tutorial they had that was over five hours long. It wasn’t selling that well either compared to its competitors that seemed to have shorter videos. You would think offering more is always better right? Well in this case the competitors had videos broken down to specific topics. Therefore people could buy a video lesson for less while learning only what they need. The other school basically had a take it all or nothing route. While the value of that was better if you intended to learn everything in most cases people only needed specific items.

It is odd to think about how you can offer people too much to the point where they will actually go with something that is not as good of a value for their dollar. But it makes sense when you think about it. Kind of like a restaurant where if your only choice was this meal that cost $50 which gave you a ton of stuff that you can’t finish versus another that offered a $5 meal that will fill you up chances are people will opt for the $5 choice. Even if technically the value isn’t as good dollar wise.

It’s not enough just to offer the best value for one’s dollar. You have to provide the options that actually suit people. If you think about it too like the above example they could have easily offered the course as is while having options for smaller ones too. Give people the choice that suits their needs.

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