Branding Candy Products With Country Stereotypes Smarties Eh
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Branding Candy Products With Country Stereotypes Smarties Eh

Well this was kind of funny today. As I was going around the supermarket, I noticed there appeared to be a lot of candy on sale where the expiry date was 2022 so it was best that the store attempt to sell them all now. I actually have never seen these on the regular shelves before as they appear to be Smarties candy expect it was branded as “Smarties eh!”

This was a play on stereotypes as people often say that all Canadians end their sentences by saying “Eh” all the time. I still have never heard people on a regular everyday conversation ever say that as it only comes up during jokes. It makes me wonder if local people are more likely to buy products that are using stereotypes in these ways where even if you aren’t too interested in the product itself the packaging may make some say “why not” per se.

You could argue that this could offend people as well which is always a risk. But in this example I would imagine more people would treat it as a fun joke of sort. Although, this is in the clearance aisle which may be a telling sign of how effective it was overall.

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