Bonus Items To Make Up For Shortcomings

Bonus Items To Make Up For Shortcomings

There is a lot of buzz for the new iPhone here today of course as it has just recently been released here. I was reading previously how it didn’t get very good reviews from various publications due to some sort of reception problem with the phone. The interesting thing about this I thought is that companies recognize this and so on this launch day many people offered bonuses with the phone such as free cases to hopefully win over the consumer despite the publicized drawbacks.

I then heard two sides of the debate where some felt that it was a great gift to even out the shortcomings while some think it is silly as they would rather have the product at an optimal performance. You would usually have to provide a lot of free spiffs and bonuses if the problem is that rampant I think. It almost makes you wonder why they didn’t just delay it to work out all the kinks instead.

Sure there is money to be made as you know there is a clear demand for it. But I would think the damage done to your brand is far greater than the money you would make by just releasing the item prematurely. It also allows the competitor an option to sweep a lot of the spotlight from you. I think bonus items should be more about making the value of the purchase better as opposed to making up for the lack of features or capabilities of your product.

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