Bob’s Red Mill Gives Business To Employees

Bob’s Red Mill Gives Business To Employees

Usually when I walk through the aisles of the supermarket you often see this “Bob’s Red Mill” branded products that usually consists of things such as flour and oats. I never really looked into whether or not the person was actually real or still alive. But reading this article I guess he is still there and actually working all the time.

But was so fascinating about this article is how usually when people create a successful business they would look to sell it off as they brace for retirement. In this case though, it seems like the founder decided to go with the route where he is literally going to give his business to the employees. From what I read, it seems like any employee who has been with the company for three years or so essentially can own stock in the company as they are now literally the owners.

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You don’t hear many stories like this of employee owned businesses of sort. Many people often work at a job just to hope to get a higher paying position. In this case I guess all that time and commitment resulted in actually owning the business. What a great way to go out. Of course this is probably only realistic for smaller companies as opposed to a billion dollar corporation. But it’s always great to see the different ways you can choose to manage and pass off your business that can have a long lasting impact in a positive way.

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