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One of my readers asked an interesting question about my blog traffic as he noticed that my old post about that Internet income training conference seems to be active on an ongoing basis based on the comments. I did post up some charts during the New Years as people asked me about it and so here is what it looks like for 2007 so far:

Pretty consistent growth I’d say. Based on this, it looked like last month there was about 1055 visits and 1453 pageviews per day on average. As for blog statistic programs, I have been testing out a few of them out of curiosity and so far external programs produce very strange numbers and some of them seem to conflict with each other. So looking at stats based on my actual log files are usually the most accurate way to get statistics.

Kind of interesting to see the growth considering I started this blog as a way to hopefully help others. It is great to see a lot of genuine people visiting and wanting to help each other out as well like with the post above. Even before I thought “If I was only able to help just one person then that would be worth it”. I guess it is safe to say that goal has been exceeded. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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  • Daniel 4/2/2007

    Hi Alan,

    “1055 visits and 1453 pageviews per day on average” wow thats pretty good… There is not doubt about how helpful your blog is….these statistics telling everything…


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