Black Friday And Boxing Day Line Ups
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Black Friday And Boxing Day Line Ups

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I was watching a lot of reports today concerning black friday in the US. At the same time, with more video phones around in this day in age there were a lot of footages to show how crazy people can get over a sale. Some people even line up days before.

It’s just like boxing day here in Canada which I guess would be the equivalent of a black Friday in the US. It’s kind of interesting to see people pay others to lineup for them. A lot of people would say it is dumb to be lining up for hours to save some money as you could have been working that time to earn more. So, a lot of people now simply go through their regular routine and leverage their time by paying someone else to either line up or buy the item for them.

I’m surprised there isn’t some kind of company that has created a service for these types of demands. I personally never lined up for a sale but rather for a brand new product. Not sure that I would want to sit out in the cold for hours or say sleep out in a tent just to save a few bucks.

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