Big Supermarket Price Versus Smaller Businesses
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Big Supermarket Price Versus Smaller Businesses

Today there was a sale at a larger grocery chain as it advertised how people could buy two cucumbers for $1.49. Not a bad price as there was a limit as well where people can only buy four. That was enough to get me to pay a visit and buy some for my parents. Usually smaller stores in the area would have better deals. But when large companies that have more purchasing power decide to hold a sale there is almost no chance the smaller store can compete.

For the heck of it, I went to a smaller store that I usually find has very cheap prices. The catch is many times the items they sell may not look like TV commercial quality as it they can be “unperfect” which shouldn’t matter to many. But even looking at the prices for cucumbers here you can see it was $1.49 each. So with the sale the bigger supermarket was able to offer it fifty percent cheaper basically.

If you are really tight on a budget I guess it would just make sense to buy it from the larger stores during these kinds of sales. But during non sale times you can often find consistent deals like these in smaller businesses I find.

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