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Big Enough To Get Your Own Business

This was kind of an interesting thought as I was reading about this person who was working very hard in his business as he was trying to establish himself to the point where he could join this network in hopes that it would enable him to generate more business. Of course with that deal they would have to split the revenue share with them as well. Usually in these cases too people often get scouted instead as they are obviously doing something right and the other party wants a piece of it.

So with the requirement this network had it made me think where if that guy eventually made the minimum requirements that they asked for is there a reason to join as oppose to continuing to grow as he has been? Over exaggerating, imagine it was like a hotel business where in order to join under a certain brand name they expect you to have one billion in sales and right now you are starting out at nothing. So basically you work your tail off to get a billion in sales and now you qualify to join. Like that it makes me wonder if that even makes sense where if the other party did not help you in anyway and now you are in a position where you can create your own opportunities that is semi equivalent to what they can offer you on whether or not you should just remain independent.

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