Big Enough Packaging To Ship Two DVDs?
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Big Enough Packaging To Ship Two DVDs?

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Today I received a package that said it came from Intel. I immediately knew that inside was going to be a Windows Vista disc as I purchased a bundle awhile back which only gave a release candidate version of the operating system since it wasn’t out yet. The shipping box it was packaged with was fairly big I thought at first but figured that maybe there were other things in it as well.

Upon opening it, all it had was just two DVDs that were in sleeves. No retail box packaging or anything else as you can see here:

This just got me wondering how this helps a company in any way to justify using such a large package for a tiny item as it seems like an extreme waste and that it probably costs more to ship it due to the size of the box. Not to mention that the person receiving would have to deal with all of the excessive packaging afterwards. The only thing I could think of is that some companies ship items in obscure boxes to throw people off in an attempt to reduce say theft as one would think that it is nothing important. I doubt that was the case for this though.

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