Better To Be Oblivious To Current Events or Not
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Better To Be Oblivious To Current Events or Not

I was reading a couple of articles recently that talked about health mandates in various countries and how a lot of people are doing a complete 180 in regards to how things should be dealt with. With that, the people who were advocating from those changes from the beginning are in a sense celebrating as they have been vindicated per se. That then brought up topics on how much those people have lost during those times where many people painted them as outcasts to the point where if they were say businesses owners, they were constantly hindered for sticking to what they felt was right.

So, the hindsight comment I was reading for many is how people should just tune out of mainstream news at times so that they don’t get too invested in taking a side where the focus will be to just try and say grow your business. I’m not that is feasible for a business versus an average individual who just wants to live life.

Like in these situations you pretty much need to stay updated to make sure you are following updated rules and regulations. I think the only thing you can do is to stay neutral if that’s your style where you don’t comment if you like or dislike a forced direction as an example.

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