Better Sales Associates Can Save You Money

Better Sales Associates Can Save You Money

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Today my brother phoned me as he wanted to get this computer monitor that was on sale at a particular store and asked me if it was a good price. I suggested that he go to a larger chain and simply get a price match guarantee to save more money.

He did do as I recommended and the thing was the first sales associate he spoke to told him that the company doesn’t price match that particular competitor. Basically, it was some kind of conjured up excuse such as the competitor had a restocking fee. He phoned me about this and I simply just said to ask another person as the guy was just being lazy and didn’t want to go through the effort in checking to do a price match.

Sure enough, he asks another person and gets the price match without any real fuss. That can actually happen a lot where employees of various businesses are just so lazy that they won’t go out of their way to help you save money and instead would rather give you any excuse to not help you.

That’s one reason why whenever I shop at places too I usually try to go through the same person as once you establish that trust you know that at they will do more in helping you to save as much money as possible within their company guidelines. It’s a double benefit as they get repeat business from you too.

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