Being Vigilant With COVID 19 Scams
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Being Vigilant With COVID 19 Scams

It seems like there are a lot of scams going around now with this COVID 19 pandemic. A lot of countries are implementing some kind of emergency funds for citizens due to the loss of work. This means people are expecting some kind of cheque as an example to come in the mail or to accept deposits into their banks. As you can imagine, this means there will be a lot of scammers posing as the official source to then steal your information and money.

Phishing e-mails are the most common where scammers use real graphics from official sites to make a template appear as if it is from the government as an example. But usually when you inspect the link the site goes to a non-official source. As well, many times the e-mail that is used is from a free gmail account as an example.

I have yet to encounter these scams myself, but during these times you should be extra cautious as I am sure a lot of people need all the help they can get financially.

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