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Being Unconventional As An Option

Usually when it comes to customer service we would all expect to be greeted professionally and in a helpful way to make us all feel like the business values us. Therefore companies often spend a lot of money and resources to train people on how to treat customers. But there was this funny viral video I saw which had a waitress essentially being super rude and impatient with the guests as she was taking their order. It was so over the top where you have to wonder how it could be real.

Apparently it was indeed an act where customers have the option to request to have an employee essentially treat them very bad as a form of entertainment. It just got me thinking how there are so many ways to make yourself standout and having unique and unconventional options like this is sure a creative way to do so, It’s almost no different than having a super expensive item on the menu for the sake of getting people to remember you over others.

But actually giving bad customer service to people? Even I probably never would have thought of that. At this rate even having a joke menu of sort where you serve people disgusting items can probably be a thing too.

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