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Being Transparent About Being New In The Field or Not

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It’s definitely true where many times perception is reality when it comes to promoting your work and services. That often means people attempt to look bigger and more established than they really are in an effort to get people to actually pay attention to them and being taken seriously. Sometimes though I think it is completely unnecessary where you can actually lose opportunities as a result. Just recently I was just having a conversation with a person in regards to their career and where they are at. Generally speaking it’s always great to help others while potentially offering support that you wish you had.

For whatever reason the person seemed to attempt to project themselves as very established where they only take on work that specifically meets a certain budget. Essentially the person is claiming to be too busy to accept small stuff. Upon asking questions and doing quick checks it would appear the person didn’t have much going on and everything they said was for image I guess you could say.

Kind of unfortunate there I think because if the person was just honest that they were new and all odds are a lot of people would have been open to helping. For example, offering referrals or even mentoring the person. Sometimes just being honest and embracing that you are brand new can be better.

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