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Being Trained To Be Dependent

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I was reading about all these crazy stories about people who buy all these products from gurus that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars where of course the mentality is if you kept using their stuff eventually you will hit the jackpot of obtaining financial freedom. It’s kind of scary in some ways I thought as the technique the sellers were using in many ways seemed like they tried to make people feel dumb and useless as if they are uneducated where if they don’t continually buy and use their products on a daily basis they will fail.

It almost reminds me as if you are going to a private school that costs a lot of money and the teacher is purposely failing you to keep you in the school because if all of a sudden you “graduate” then they would lose you as an income source. You should always be asking yourself how long do you have to do this until you don’t need their help anymore? Granted everyone needs to brush up their skills once in awhile for example, but being trained to believe you have to keep paying for something or else you will fail in many ways shouldn’t make sense immediately.

Even when it comes to things like being an entrepreneur of your own company or heck even something smaller like a manager I don’t know anyone that would argue that one thing you do need to learn is being able to create and implement ideas yourself as well. I usually find even when finding certain services that those who focus more in trying to set you up for the path of being independent usually offers the better service. Example, imagine a weight loss company where they stress if you stop enrolling in their program all the weight will come back compared to one that is trying to teach you things you can do in your daily life to permanently fix the issue without them.

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