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Being Too Picky When You Need To Start

I was having an interesting conversation today with a person who was essentially complaining about life and how regardless of his education he simply can’t find any work. Immediately when he told me the field he was interested in I was able to think of a ton of places where he can do work. The interesting thing was he was shooting them all down as if he was too good for everything. In many ways he was like a struggling business that needs all the customers he can get and was instead refusing to serve anyone who doesn’t look like they have a million dollars.

I was always told the line on how beggars can’t be choosers. Especially in his scenario I think at times like these you just have to suck it up and start doing something if it is remotely reasonable. If you refuse to work in something that you feel undermines your educational investments then I would say there is no real excuse as the other option is if you should simply create your own business and be 100% accountable to how you are doing.

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