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Being Told It Will Be A Lot of Work

This was kind of funny today I thought as there was a person who required help for his business site and so he simply advertised what he needed and got a lot of replies. He was expressing to me how so many people were saying the work would be so complicated that it will probably be hours worth of labour. As you all may know, usually technically related labour like this can really rack up the bill. Ultimately, I ended up doing the task and it literally took me minutes to do. He was very shocked at this as well as if it was magic.

I think the main lesson here is it is simply part of the territory where when you are relying on a service that you are not very knowledgeable about there will always be people who will try take to advantage of that. The best way to tell if you are being duped I think is if they can’t clearly explain to you what the issue is and what they would do. Don’t be afraid to get second opinions as well before concluding if something will be complex or not.

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