Being Suggestive About Getting Money From People

Being Suggestive About Getting Money From People

There was an event around the area today called Italian Day on The Drive and as you would expect there were a lot of street vendors and performances stretching across the street. There was this one street act where a person was using knifes and fire which is a common type of act to see. What got me thinking was how the performer constantly threw in remarks to the crowd in a form of a semi joke on how it be nice to get money from people at the end of the act as that is how they make a living.

Towards the end he got more straight forward such as informing the crowd where if they enjoyed his act he would welcome any money received in which many people did provide. It was interesting to think about as it’s almost like what people do in sales many times such as suggesting an item over and over in hopes that it will sway the person’s mind to make a purchase as an example.

I guess this shows at times you have to ask early and often when it comes to essentially cold calling others I guess you can say to buy whatever it is you are offering. Because in many cases it works.

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