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Being Shameless In Copying Others

While visiting a particular supermarket today one immediate thing I noticed was that for some reason they seemed to attract a specific demographic all of a sudden whereas the last time I visited it this was definitely not the case. Upon entering the place I started to see why. By the looks of it I guess you can say it looked like they literally just copied the layout and food offerings of one of its competitors. I suppose the biggest difference is that they have more buying power and so they are able to offer the items for less.

Of course, it seemed like the consumers didn’t really care about the originality factor as the prices seemed to be the factor that people focused on. It made me think as many times in business when we see someone else come up with a great idea you are inclined to not want to do the same as it feels kind of demeaning if you simply resort to copying someone. Therefore, you work even harder to try and come up with something substantially different so that you can call it your own.

I suppose in examples like this though sometimes simply copying and just trying to do it cheaper can be the easy way to generate success. I would imagine in situations like this though it must be tough to put your pride aside for what would work for the business.

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