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Being Sent Gratitude Postcards

Today in the mail I got this postcard from my cell phone provider where they were thanking me for being a customer for over 6 years. It was a pretty generic postcard that was like a template, so it wasn’t anything special. They often say that in business sending out things like postcards to customers is a great way to maintain customer loyalty.

For me personally, in this case I don’t think it really helps too much since the company itself is so big where you can’t help but to think you are still just another number. Unless the postcard had like a special offer of some sort where I got a special discount then that is a different story.

I think the only time it would be really effective is if the postcard was being sent from a representative by the company who I actually dealt with regularly. So most likely, this would only work with a small business where I got to say interact with the owner as they need to handle virtually every department.

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