Being Seen With A Competitor Product

Being Seen With A Competitor Product

I was told today of a company where they hired various people to do promotional work for a certain brand and a funny situation occurred where an employe was seen using a competitor’s product and seemed very happy. I guess you can say that was bad PR for them as the competitor took pictures of it. I guess the main issue is people knowing knew that they did work for the company so it’s almost like a celebrity doing a commercial for a company for people to then see in actuality they prefer competitor product.

At first I was thinking that must be a little harsh for an average day person to be super conscience about stuff like this. Imagine like waitress working at a restaurant and then having to be paranoid about going to any other restaurants of the same type. I know business often try to find people who are genuinely passionate about their products to work for them. Makes you wonder if in the future companies will be so picky as to ask in the application process on whether or not you prefer using a competitor item/service.

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