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Being Productive Every Minute

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Today while traveling for a bit, I was sitting down and thinking that during this downtime of getting to destination A to destination B that I could have been doing something such as writing content for a project to make the time a little more productive. Sometimes I carry a laptop around and do this, but recently I was thinking of finding a smaller and more portable device for it.

People usually say that time is the most valuable commodity that we have, so in that sense it feels like a waste to me personally if I am not doing something every moment to fully utilize it. That doesn’t mean that I would have to literally be glued to something, but rather there is something actively working in the background as a result of my efforts to generate something positive.

Using this mentality with money too is usually what encourages me to always look out for new opportunities as I believe if you worked hard to earn that money then it only makes sense to make that money work for you afterwards. It’s like saying, you wouldn’t spend all that time making an invention just for it to collect dust would you?

Another thing that I do usually is if I often have to be a certain place either for recreation or business, I usually always like to research about the area too to see if there is anything around there to help make the day more productive. For example, maybe after some research I discovered there is an interesting market and so it wouldn’t hurt to learn more about the area and at the same time possibly finding new ways and options to fulfill daily task needs.

One thing is for sure, if I ever sit there thinking that I could be doing more with my time then that usually is the case.

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  • Stewart 11/25/2008

    Thinking can be an important activity that requires no financial outlay just a disciplined mind. Additionally I would forward you to my post regarding transitions. I would extend this to transitions between appointments. Depending how much time you have, thinking about how you can maximise the opportunity your next appointment could bring is a worthy use of your time.

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