Being Offered Opportunities Based On Racial Stereotypes

Being Offered Opportunities Based On Racial Stereotypes

There has been a ton of news lately about Asian hate crimes as a result of factors such as people believing everyone of Asian descent has COVID as an example. With news of recent shooting incidents as well you can imagine a lot more people and businesses are speaking out about it. But I had an interesting thought about stereotypes recently in relation to work and business.

Recently I have been getting contacted from people who mentioned that they were referred to me as they needed someone with a specific skill set. So I would imagine it would be related to one of my skill sets. However, one example was that a few people contacted me as they needed someone who could play a specific instrument for a film and wondered if I could do it as I was named.

I have never played this instrument in my life but it is usually associated with Chinese events. So essentially people were recommended to me as the assumption is since I am Chinese there may be a good chance I could do it. That’s just kind of interesting I thought how stereotypes carry on in the business world all the time as well.

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