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Being More Personal or More Robotic In Business

I was reading these opinions today on what people think a workforce is going to be like in the future. Some topics came up such as how there will be less actual people in places like stores as procedures such as self check out terminals are starting to replace the need for real humans to serve people. There was also another topic on how people are trying to specifically design their business where everything is done online so that there is no need for human interaction as opposed to the occasional support inquiries.

I was thinking if that will ever be the case where things stop becoming a people business, so to speak, as from what I have seen it’s usually the human aspect of things that makes a business die or thrive. Even when I shop online I think one of the biggest factors why people would shop at one place versus the other is the ability to see that there are other people shopping there as well whether it be through customer ratings on the site or seeing staff members give thoughts and input about topics.

I think the key is the technology should be used as a way to make things more efficient as opposed to a way to say get rid of the human factor all together.

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