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Being Blunt or Not

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I had an interesting read today as there was a guy who was being extremely blunt and vocal in regards to people who seemed to be taking a grass is greener on the other side outlook in life. Basically, he was telling them how it is all their fault for whatever results they are producing and that they should simply be adapting to the situation. Of course this generated some negativity as people were saying this makes any business that he is associated with look bad.

On the flip side this also made some people believe that he was a credible person who they would more likely do business with as he showed a level of confidence that a lot of others normally wouldn’t. Kind of funny how it can work both ways huh? Almost reminds me of topics such as relationships where some people would argue the person who is rude will get the results whereas others would say it just makes them and everyone around them look bad.

I think in this case though it’s not so much about being blunt or not but rather whether or not it sounds like the person is confident in what they say and can back it up. Kind of like saying for many if they know the results will be achieved then they ill be willing to tolerate most things.

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