Being At The Right Place At The Right Time Charlotte Awbery Example

Being At The Right Place At The Right Time Charlotte Awbery Example

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Today I was reading all these stories of a singer who accidentally just hit it big as a person creating random funny videos asked her to finish singing a song. I guess you can say he didn’t expect to hear a professional singing voice. The person’s name was Charlotte Awbery and ever since that video was released she has been receiving a lot of media attention.

What is kind of amazing about stories like these is how often people definitely do have the talent and quality work to make it very big. However, for one reason or another they just were never provided the proper platform to make it big as they get lost in the sea of other talent. When this viral video happened naturally people started to research about her and now all her other past work is receiving a lot of attention.

Reminds you that many times you just have to keep going and doing what you do while being open to showcasing your work or products in various ways. I can imagine for many people they would keep revising and altering what they create thinking whatever it is they offer just isn’t good enough. In reality it could simply be one of those being at the right place at the right time.

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