Being Asked To Sell Your Work Unexpectedly

Being Asked To Sell Your Work Unexpectedly

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I often create a lot of stuff for fun simply as a creative outlet where at the same time I feel I am building up a skill that may come in use one day. To my surprise I was recently contacted by a person who wanted to buy my work. He didn’t say a price or anything which makes it all the more complex. How exactly would you even price something that you had no intent in selling in the first place where you just created it or fun?

The only thing I was thinking at first where if I did want to actually go through with it is to look at what other companies are charging for something similar. That would at least give me the basis as to what is say way too cheap or potentially too expensive. But then I started to think of all the legal stuff where for this particular work it’s digital where someone could technically reproduce it in different ways once they have the original. So should you consult with lawyer first?

The other option I have often heard but wouldn’t know anyone specifically is to find a mentor of some sort where that person has specific knowledge of that field to help you. It makes me think too how some people with no form of training in creative work as an example simply come up with the most expensive number and just go down until people say yes. But overall I am inclined not to jump into it right away unless I know it would be a mutually beneficial thing to do. But the fact that someone even asked should make me look into it more.

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