Being Asked To Charge More

Being Asked To Charge More

Something interesting happened today as a person who I have been working with for awhile felt that I have been helping their company so much that I should start invoicing them for a higher amount as they wanted to compensate me more for my effort. I felt what I was charging them was a fair rate that I have been consistent with. At the same time it’s not every day you see people that want to pay more than they have to.

It’s a funny situation to be in as from a business point of view the answer should be simple where you should just take them up on the offer as it means more profit. On the other hand, you feel that you shouldn’t change too much as a way to continually build that trust and respect amongst each other where you are simply doing what you promised as advertised before.

In my case I decided to approach it by asking them how much they felt that I should be charging them. Sure enough, they gave me a figure and I obliged. So I ended up earning more and they were happy to do it. It’s not every day that you get to do business like this in such a friendly way.

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