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Being An Opportunist When People Desperately Need Something

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Imagine a situation where you are running some kind of venture and all of a sudden you are in a dire need of money or specific resources. Because of this you are inclined to try and find a solution fast. A company then approaches you to finance whatever you need. However, they want something in return that seems outrageous. For the sake of the example let’s say they want more than half of your business. This isn’t because it is a fair value but rather they see an opportunity to capitalize on the situation.

If a person or company did that would you be inclined to consider that as bad or simply just someone being say a “smart” business person as they are trying to get the most for their money? Usually a lot of people would say that happens all the time and is just a normal thing to do. I personally can’t help to think where if I know that a company or person was doing that to say myself I would be incline to stay away from them if I can.

To me that often means the party is thinking about their own benefit only. While it makes sense from the view where you need to do what’s best for you it also shows that one could potentially care less about an equal and long-lasting partnership per se. As a result it wouldn’t make me confident in doing business with them period. Would be no different than working as an employee for a company where they treat everyone like a number and try to take advantage of people with say low wages because they are desperate. Not the way to do business in my opinion.

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