Being Afraid Of The Rain That Costs You Opportunities
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Being Afraid Of The Rain That Costs You Opportunities

This was fun to think about but probably true. Recently my nephew asked if he could follow me for a day as I did my work which usually involves walking to a lot of places for an extended time. He essentially wanted to spend time catching upas I am often too busy to go to various functions. Rain or shine I would go out. Walking in the rain isn’t exactly a fun time for most so if the day ended up raining then I mentioned he could cancel it.

So today it actually was raining a lot in the early morning. The weather did indicate it was supposed to be light showers briefly. Because of that he decided to stay home. I was out all day still though and the rain cleared up pretty quickly as the sun came out afterwards. When he phoned me he was even saying how in his area it was very sunny now as well. He then regretted his decision where he should have just went anyways.

That actually happens often in a business fashion such as someone planning to go to an event where they can mingle with potential future suppliers and partners. However, because it starts pouring rain they decide to stay home instead. It’s kind of strange that something this small where we have so many solutions to deal with it such as a basic umbrella can make us that reluctant to move forward in the day huh?

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