Being Afraid of People With More Experience

Being Afraid of People With More Experience

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Usually when people are starting out at a business they embrace all they help they can get. Especially when it comes to people with experience in their industry the idea of having a mentor of sort is often highly valued. But imagine a scenario where you need help in your category and to do so you try and hire some kind of help. The person you have has actually been there and done that where you can learn a lot while getting things done. But here`s the twist that I actually saw. The person felt very insecure of the idea that someone better than him at what he wanted to do would be his contract helper per se. So because of that he tried to look for someone less accomplished than himself while hopefully still getting the job done.

That seems kind of crazy in many huh? Yet it’s sad to say that I see it happen quite often. Hiring the right people to fill in your weaknesses should actually be a good thing overall. If anything you can treat it like a free school as well while at the same time getting things done if the talent you are acquiring is a good representation of where you want to be as well in a few years. You can probably learn to conquer trials and tribulations better too as what they went through will most likely be presented to you as well.

Why fear the more experienced? If you think about it in these instances too they are technically working with you as opposed to your competition. If anything you are creating imaginary competition that can end up holding you back in many ways.

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