Being Afraid of AI Tech or Using It Now

Being Afraid of AI Tech or Using It Now

Recently OpenAI showcased to the world its Voice Engine program which can essentially take clips of a voice to then being able to replicate it into speaking new phrases and even in other languages. That’s crazy to think about as one thought is this would help immensely for businesses that need to translate a lot of content. The other thought is this is terrible if it gets into the wrong hands as people can fake everything now.

It’s fascinating to hear the views from people who run a business where there are those who simply refuse to use AI for fear it could go rogue and destroy a business that is reliant on it. Then there are those who are just jumping in as they want to get a head start with the tech. It seems like with that direction, one is in the mindset of they have more to lose by simply waiting for the tech to fully evolve. I guess it’s like mining for gold where you have to start before everyone else for the best chance to profit from it versus waiting until someone finds some.

If anything, I would say you should at least dabble with AI a bit even if you are just using it for personal tasks as one way or another it will be a part of the future. Otherwise this may turn into a scenario like how before some people refused to use e-mail only to get left behind by others who at least began to use it.

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