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Being Afraid of A Price Match Rejection

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This was interesting as today a person told me that they saw a price for an item at one store that was so much cheaper than the store she usually goes to. The other place was way too far away though so going there wasn’t an option. I then asked why she doesn’t simply request for a price match since the company had a policy for it. Surprisingly, she simply said it was so much cheaper that they won’t honor it and she doesn’t want to deal with the possibility of rejection in trying to do it.

Who would have thought that people are actually afraid of requesting for the price matches as the worst case scenario is they say no and you simply buy it elsewhere. I guess maybe many take it a little too personal? For myself I usually use this as a way to evaluate the integrity of the business too and whether or not I would want to say shop there. If anything, if they do accept the price matches then I am more likely to do more business with them. As they say too, you don’t know if you don’t try.

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