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Being Active During Business Downtimes

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I was talking to a person the other day who ran a business where most of her clientele exists during the summer time and after that everything kind of dies down where she can pretty much take a vacation until the next summer arrives. For her though she sees that more as a time to continually build the business in an attempt to try and capture more market share for the next time things start to pick up again.

That kind of made me think how most people would assume that it must be so easy to say work for one seasonal time only and then do nothing after when really people like that are actually doing something all the time as they pretty much live and breathe the business. When you think about it too it is no different from even a employee as those that just show up and do the work usually aren’t as successful as those that say research and study the industry even outside of work. Or at the same time thinking of strategies on how to do better while off the clock.

Just one of the few but important traits to have if you are truly serious about making something successful. Easier said than done of course, but it’s a necessity I say.

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