Being Able To Buy Time

Being Able To Buy Time

When it comes to life and money in general people often say that time is the most valuable commodity as it is something that you cannot buy. That is true as we can’t exactly turn say a twenty four hour day into a twenty five hour one. Or likewise we can’t exactly go back in time and fix things that we wish we could. But that’s what was interesting when I read a different perspective of this. There was a person that was saying how wealthy people buy time all the time. Your first reaction of course is to wonder what the heck the person is talking about.

In his mind wealthy people buy time through other people. For example, if you want more time in the day then you can invest your money in hiring someone to do tasks for you. If you want to save time from having to learn time consuming items then you can buy the knowledge once again by paying for other’s to spend their time for you. It essentially is the talk about leveraging your time through others.

But for me it’s the mindset and perspective that is interesting as in many ways this is thinking differently than the majority to give you the confidence to control your own path in life and business. For example, I would imagine like here while most people would say there is not enough time in the day to do other things such as starting that business they always talk about the other person would see it as who are the people they need to be able to accomplish what is needed for that amount of time?

You could argue that if you don’t have a lot of money then you can’t exactly just hire people. That’s true of course but with that I would say there is always another way such as finding partners as opposed to an employee.

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