Becoming Too Needy For Business Aid

Becoming Too Needy For Business Aid

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Recently I was trying to figure out why this one person seemed to have so many issues with maintaining professional relationships with the people he met as it sounded like on paper they would be an ideal fit. His story to people would be the same where he contacted people and for the most part they just seem to ignore him. So the only real common denominator was him. Because of this I agreed to meet up with him just as a catch up of sort. I pretty much figured out why people were ignoring him after.

Imagine a scenario where a person seems to be approaching everything with a lottery mentality. Everyone they meet they think they will be the key to helping him create a million dollar business. Because of that, after the initial meeting he seems to pester people to constantly meet with him where he hopes a business partnership will form. The worst thing about this is it feels like his mentality is they are the key to his success. It’s almost like wanting to make a film where you have no knowledge of how things work. Instead you hound people with experience.

While that’s what many wealthy people do in terms of paying for talent to do work, in this case it’s like wanting people to be a business partner as a charity case. All in all, again it became clear why people were walking the other way. I think it’s important to remember that if you are trying to get people to be involved with your business then you have to present them some kind of value to do so. I guess it’s like saying too while you may need money from investors you have to show them that you are functional for the most part even without them. Being too desperate or needy is never a good thing.

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