Becoming Successful Through Cross Promotion

Becoming Successful Through Cross Promotion

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Just the other day an owner of a martial arts studio was telling me about all of the other studios that teach a similar art as he does. He has been around long enough where he has knowledge about how each and every place grew its student base.

There was one in particular that was kind of interesting as currently this particular school claims that they are the first and biggest out of everyone. The person was telling me that the place in question was actually struggling for years. So what turned it around? Apparently the owner’s wife started up a martial arts supply business which actually did take off quite well.

As you can imagine, this attracted a specific demographic. With that, the wife began to advertise her husband’s school at the store and sure enough the student base began to grow where eventually it became the largest of its kind here. That sure was interesting I thought where for years the business could not grow on its own merit and all of a sudden this simple cross promotion did the trick in a really effective way.

Now one of the obvious factor is the qualified lead scenario where everyone shopping for martial arts supplies would be highly likely to be interested in a school like that. It’s a common marketing strategy that many people do. At the same time, it’s not an option that many people think to do initially. So if you are looking to grow, this can be a good option too in terms of finding another person or organization to cross promote products or services that would enhance and benefit each other.

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