Becoming An Instructor Simply To Make Money

Becoming An Instructor Simply To Make Money

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I was watching these Kitchen Nightmare clips where apparently one of the contestant ran a cooking school of sort as she was the head instructor as it was her business. Throughout the clips though is was being shown that she made so many errors while producing poor quality food according to Gordon Ramsey that he started to rant on how he was in a sense terrified at the money she was taking from people.

While there definitely are instructors out there with a high level of public accomplishments as proof of their expertise to be able to teach people, I think sadly in many industries becoming an instructor or opening a school seems to be the most common choice for many to make money in an industry where the person in question has no real accomplishments that are outstanding.

Artistic fields seem to be one of the biggest culprits where it can be hard for people to break out while trying desperately to get an opportunity. Like there, I then often see people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on private schools trying to get answers with instructors that don’t really have the work resume to backup their teachings as proof that it works.

But the common theme is they end up making the majority of their income from selling courses as an example versus actually working at the hobs they are teaching about. There is nothing wrong with being a teacher of course. But for many businesses it simply is about trying to get as much money from people as possible versus genuinely teaching one based on proven knowledge and systems that they have personally used to be successful in he field. In that sense you always need to be careful.

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